Photography Tours

There is no denying the power of imagery, and nothing captures change like the camera does. Bhutan is a photographer’s paradise, a living museum of art and culture, with stunning landscapes and glory of natural beauty at its best.

Photography tours will explore its streets, piazzas, and great works of art and architecture in the company of excellent guides. This tour is intended for people with all levels of interest and accomplishment in digital photography. While the emphasis will be on photography, this is also a cultural journey, which we believe will enhance your ability to capture the essence of Bhutanese life in your images. Bhutan has large areas of woodlands, interspersed with farms and dotted with towns and monasteries on hills and ridges. Our journey will explore this glorious land in depth. Everywhere there is something of compelling beauty, curiosity, and interest; brilliant architecture, classic landscapes, and the daily life of the people themselves.

Our photography guide or the local guide will take you to premier photographic locations, places that you can’t access on your own, including monasteries, temples, fortresses, and museums, places of great political and historical importance in Bhutan. According to your interests, there can be quiet, pre-dawn photo walks. While we have specific itineraries, we have the flexibility to take advantage of photographic opportunities we find along the way.